Wow, just… wow

Speechless am I now.’s Gideon Dabi has reviewed Alan Wake OST, read the whole article here.

Kind words out of the blue feel really, really good. Thank you.

If some of my comments and “thank yous” seem overwhelming, it is just due to the natural fact that I know I’ve chosen quite a strange way to decorate a psychothriller – a choice I was originally a bit concerned to take. The more I browsed through my soundtrack CDs and mp3s, the more confident I became, and the choice to leave the obvious path lured me even more. I wrote in my SEMO essay “(the composer’s) …always on the edge, leaning towards the wind”, and it sure as hell felt like that. There were just too many things that could have gone wrong, especially when putting some beauty into madness – but after all, that’s life in itself (although not in a usual setting): finding order in chaos, a reason to survive.