It’s official now

Top Dollar PR announces it now officially: Alan Wake OST will be out soon, both as a digital download from iTunes and Sumthing Digital, and a physical CD as well for those who prefer to read the cd sleeve whilst listening to some great tunes.

There are 18 tracks total, some of which were taken from in-game music and meticulously edited into one piece of music – a challenge in itself, by the way – but everything seems to fit in, pretty nicely, I’d say. Some of the track still bring the tears to my eyes – even though I’ve heard them literally hundreds of times, first composing, then arranging, recording, mixing, playing AW… everyone making music knows what I’m talking about. As a composer/produces/engineer one-man-does-it-all combination I face the challenge of arguing with myself on artistic values over technical aspects, the stuff normal people usually do in a group, or with a team. But, I’d like to emphasize there never were any real problems, just some choices to be made.

Check the whole thing on the Top Dollar PR site.