Päivitys / Update

Päivää. On ilmeisesti syytä päivittää hieman blogin nuutunutta ulkoasua ja samoin tein muuttaa kieltä kohti sointuvampia äänteitä, kiitos erään klasariprojektin. Lisää seuraa.

Ja kommentit ovat edelleen poissa käytöstä tammikuulle 2009 asti.

And same in English. Hello there. It is time to update the rather dated look with a new theme (thanks to David Garlitz for that) and switch the language – at least part time – to English, mainly due to a certain pseudo-classical project released by Armada Music. More to come, hopefully sooner than later. Also, I’ll be updating this retroactively and bring in some blog writings done elsewhere. I suppose they’d fit in nicely, them being all tech talk and about modular synths, microphone disasters and digital whatnot. However, due to readability, those posts are going to stay put in their original date positions. As my non-native English roots force me to think as a translator, the language I use is probably a bit harsh and somewhat demented for some of the more distinguished bypassers, but I’m sure the train of thought will still be clear enough. Most of the writings in the Diary category are usually project related data – and definitely genre-free – and mostly concerning electronics and sound design stuff as well. That’s what I do. Sound design.

Oh, one thing. Unfortunately, until January 2009, I’ll have to keep all comments off.