It’s out now.

Lowland: Classical Trancelations is out now. Thanks to Armada Music and Mr. van Buuren himself to believe in something made by yours truly. In Finland it’s available from Street Beat – and thank you guys for that.

Doesn’t it just look great?

I don’t know who made the cover and how it’s done, it just fits like a glove. I had a few colour shades in my mind during the last mixing stages – and all those are presented in the cover. Synaesthesia? Synergy? Yes. ūüôā

Hopefully we’ll get an international clearance for this album as well. It wasn’t easy to do, actually, it was in the making ever since the Club Unity’s 10 Year Celebration in late 2005. Seems like a long time, but for me it was a typical situation of “your life on videotape, fast forwarded”. I’ll return to this later, however. More to come, that is.

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