Another coffee break instrument

Asprine. Misspelled by purpose. One might use that for headaches, this one was for rhythm. It came in a form of cola-orange flavored granule sachet packages, a tiny pocket-size cardboard box with 10 headache granule sachets inside. The box and the sachet bags were shaken and tapped with fingers, recorded with OKM ortophonic microphones and an Edirol R09.

Result: A rhythm instrument not too far away from regular shakers or cabasas, only with a bit different twist of taste this time – literally. For Kontakt 4 only; 7 velocity layers, 8 round robin groups, AET and several real-time controllers plus humanizing randomness.

I thought of using the original name (due to the origins of this sample set), but I guess I’d likely violated a copyright. An earlier version of this was used in Alan Wake (AW) soundtrack, together with clapstick or toms (mixed in the background), in order to bring more randomness to a machinegun feel. Worked for me, probably works for someone else. If you’ve played the latter levels of the game, you’ve heard this one for sure.

Have a go, Asprine’s here. EQ it, compress the hell out of it, don’t leave it as is. Use it, abuse it. There are others coming as well, all from the AW instrument folder.