Dumplo coffee breaker

Yet another tiny set of two instruments, made of plastic building bricks manufactured by a Danish toy company for 1-5 year old kids (the larger bricks, hence the name “Dumplo”). A brilliant source of higher middle frequency percussion. Recorded with a Zoom H4n and OKM mics, no processing in the middle.

Dumplo_sml has only four velocity levels and eight round robin groups, Dumplo_lrg has 6 velocity levels and again 8 round robin groups, with the same random parameters: pitch, eq. AET is present here as well, so unfortunately no Kontakt 2 or 3, K4 only.

This one was used in Alan Wake’s level 15, by the way. A small addition, yet it provided a lot of movement, especially due to a long stereo S/H Noise IR sample used for processing these.

Download: Dumplo_sml and Dumplo_lrg.

By the way, it’s incredible how fast one can work if you’ve set up your Kontakt’s user settings (controllers, for instance) and done some templates for percussive instruments, looped stuff, whatever. A quick mouse hand helps as well.