Yamaha D-85 add-ons

Before I’ve looped all the necessary Custom Voices and Special Presets, I thought it would be wise to deliver another coffee breakers: D-85 Arpeggiator and Bass Pedal.

If you’re too curious to find out what the D-85 does with its arpeggio engine, just click the lower left picture, scanned from the nicely written, child friendly D-85 manual. I’m still unable to get over the fact they really used hand drawn illustrations back in the 1980. In electronic device manuals. Unbelievable.

The Arpeggiator is just the sampled output of my D-85’s three arpeggio instruments (that is, without the arpeggiator engine, as one can add it later on with Kontakt 4’s scripts) with modulation wheel controlling decay time of the samples, whereas Bass Pedal is probably the most descriptive title ever: just that, one octave’s worth of everything D-85’s bass department could ever produce, which, to be honest, is really not that much. Also, the Tuba and Bass 8′ sounds are missing from the package, for a reason: coffee break was over before I was finished. ūüėÄ

The samples, being such simple sounds by their origin, are quite happily transposed much more than one could ever guess. Also, owning a license of Melodyne will prove being quite helpful as well.

The Solo Synth section of D-85 is couplable to pedals as well, but I didn’t have enough time to start recording that right now, as it needs to be done properly due to its filter system. I’ll do it, though – some day, using Kontakt 4’s AET.

Download: Arpeggiator and Bass Pedal. Note: Arpeggiator needs Kontakt 4, Bass Pedal works on Kontakt 3. Consider these as raw material, not finished products. Feel free to explore and if you’ll ever come up with anything cool using this stuff, drop me a line or two.

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