Yamaha D-85 drum machine

Even though my trusty old Yamaha Electone D-85 electronic organ is one damn noisy bastard, I decided to create a few Kontakt3/4 sample sets, containing all samples and basic rhythms of its built-in drum machine. I didn’t raise my finger to remove the hiss from the samples, instead I just let them be as is. I did, however, include a fade-out for 50 ms into every sample.

As the D-85 has a balance fader between the percussion and cymbal channels, I sampled both separately – didn’t want to mess with Kontakt’s scripting engine, I decided to let the end user dive into that hell.

Also included are all the basic midi files, created from these preset rhythm patterns. Again, I didn’t want to sample the variations 1-3 and the fill-ins 1-6, but in case someone needs, I’ve got a service manual for that thing, in which they also included all the rhythm patterns, printed in Roland Style – dots in a matrix. For those willing to explore, I also included an “everything” sample set, containing all possible sounds D-85’s rhythm machine could ever produce.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised to notice D-85 had such a marvelous accuracy, and the timing of the rhythm section was very coherent, especially after I had let it warm long enough. Next: Custom Voices and Special Presets. Looping takes ages, especially if Symphonic Ensemble or Celeste are used. But, eventually I’ll put them here.

All rhythm sample sets are free, no copyright whatsoever.

Download: midi files, rhythm sets, and the single shots. Native Instruments Kontakt 3 or 4 needed.