Stobe Harju online!

Woo! Also, worth notifying is Stobe Harju‘s beautiful site, full of information of this maverick (heh, sorry, Stobe). See it here: – oh, and I happened to create the score for his video montage, “Lumina Aeterna”. It’s right there on the front page. Sheer magic, his work.

Everyone can put together a pile of clips and call it something, even a movie (which is often the case) – but there are only a handful of guys that can make a grown man cry by just cutting from scene to another, I’ve seen Stobe do that, so the words of Sam Lake (“I’d trust any story of mine into his hands”) aren’t just words, they carry a lot among them. No wonder he’s so busy.

By the way, the vocals on that track were kindly provided by Cait McWhir/Tonehammer. Thanks!