Orkidea remix – Solarstone: “Touchstone”

Just happened to twinkle some additional keys to Orkidea‘s brilliant remix of Solarstone‘s “Touchstone“. While mixing and adding the final touches, I grabbed my newly rebuilt Oberheim Matrix-12 (thanks to Mikko Köykkä, an electronics wizard and an extremely cool dude) midied to Xpander and damn, it sounds good.

I hope he doesn’t blow his fuses for me being a mix-and-tell guy, but Orkidea‘s Logic sequence layouts are probably the most organized I’ve ever encountered. Myself, I never name any tracks or channels, whereas his are always named appropriately – and even colour coded. All samples always tidily in their appropriate folders… Neat and clean, and most of the time everything necessary is already there, and you just put some SSL or Neve compressor on, add some eq’ing. Easy job.

By the way, a while ago I was bouncing Slusnik Luna‘s “The Sun 2010” (a re-make of a classic year 2000 trance track “The Sun“, by Niko Nyman) and Matrix-12 was still in a state of limbo. Then Mikko recapped most of it, replaced the EPROMs with his patent tricks – and it’s been working ever since. (I think I better have another go with “The Sun” now that it’s working.) See Slusnik‘s web site here: http://bit.ly/9dCL05

Anyway, once you’re surfing, go check Orkidea‘s site here: http://bit.ly/arXISl – and make sure you have a listen to one of his DJ webcasts. His way of mixing tracks together is a form of art. Period. Anyone can use decks and a crossfader or a laptop with controllers, but to make DJing a musically flawless act is a totally different thing, and that’s where Orkidea‘s very good at.