G4 reviews the OST

Ah, G4tv.com points out some interesting and refreshing topics in their Alan Wake OST review and it seems Mr. Rick Damigella has dug a bit deeper into the OST tracks, as his opinions of using music are similar to mine: “Most prevalent are the melancholic piano lines throughout the album, which play with a subtle beauty despite the creepy visuals they were created for.”

Read the whole review here: http://bit.ly/b5kq9J

Well, indeed. If anyone’s ever encountered anything truly horrible or terrifying, frightening sights, the impact is more powerful when one’s not prepared for the strike. The emotional contrast is probably the most important factor, if an ultimate grasp – gameplay or movie action – is desired. Also, the usual human characteristic of adapting the surroundings plays an active role here, as a survival tool.

What really caught my attention was Mr. Damigella‘s final paragraph: “…it could be interesting to hear what he and fellow-Finn and Nightwish mastermind Tuomas Holopainen could potentially co-create together. Especially since they both have creative styles which could sound interesting when combined.”

Hmm. Very, very, very interesting.