Wow. Thank you! ( reviewed Alan Wake OST and gave it a damn nice 9/10. Thank you, sir! Sometimes it feels just so damn nice to read a good review, although a mid-album lengthy track (Taken by the night) didn’t win their hearts over – which I understand damn well. Point taken, no more in-game action cue music included onto soundtracks, heh!

Also, what I appreciate a lot as a composer, was the separate track rating list. For me, that works as a small scale “market research”, although the target group here in question was only one reviewer. Hmm, speaking of which: I’d like to see a larger crowd rating the Alan Wake OST tracks, just to find out how different parts of world valuate certain things. On the other hand, multinational hitmakers have proved that a good melody doesn’t discriminate.

Even though composing is sometimes related to running in the dark with a dimming flashlight (heh), a good review can provide you some bullets and batteries for the next level – in the form of constructive criticism. Thanks, Mr. Masalar.