Alan Wake’s Sound Design article

Mark Yeend, the Head of Audio at Microsoft Game Studios was interviewed by, and what a brilliant read it is! The true audio talents are rarely exposed to the public, and their work at best goes unnoticed – mainly due to the fact that if the sound design is just right and flawless, you don’t pay any attention to it.

I think I haven’t given kudos to the three brilliant sound designers, which is unforgivable, but better late than never. I’ve played AW thru twice now, third time under its way, and finally I get to just explore and enjoy the surroundings. The woods sound particularily pleasant, if only the Taken stayed away…

Besides, AW was re-released via XBox Live – as a complete package, so grab it now. It’s winter time, nights are long, the Taken are loose. Boo!

Read the article here: , it’s a long one, containing input from Mark Yeend, Peter Hajba, Michael Schwendler, Peter Comley, Alan Rankin and myself. A great and thorough article.